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LifeDeck of Kelcross Tarot

Welcome to The Magical Realms of Kelcross...




... where the lands and their peoples are imbued with elemental energies. By respecting the connections one has with the realms lands, one may become a Wizard/ess by learning to channel the wisdom that those elemental energies have to offer.

To tap into the energy that is found within the lands or from within ones Self is a benefit that is available to all who respect those connections. However, most of us forget that we have access to that internal elemental wisdom. Wether we are distracted by outside influences, caught up in waves of emotions or even trapped by dark mists of the mind trying to protect us, we may end up going down a path that we are unfamiliar with and find ourselves not knowing what to do. To assist us in balancing the internal elemental energies, we can use a Wizard's of Kelcross most prized tool: The LifeDeck of Kelcross.

Every experience you have lived, every personality you have ever encountered and every lesson you have learned can be represented by the cards of one of the Wizards most prized tools, The LifeDeck. The LifeDeck by itself holds no power (as that is found within the ability of the Wizard to channel) and is but a reminder of the knowledge the Wizard has gained while journeying on their path. A Wizard can channel that knowledge and find the power within to either create new life patterns or reinforce the ones that are present. Therefore, a Wizards true power is their ability to recognize what is present and, if they so choose, their ability to transform.

Whether you wish to experience the healing waters of Falls Forest or walk the Halls of the Majum at the Kelcross Academy, I invite you to explore the wonders of Kelcross.

The LifeDeck of Kelcross Tarot uses traditional concepts drawn from popular Tarot systems (mostly loosely based on the Rider-Waite) and has been beautifully illustrated so that each suit has a different art style and a very distinct 'feel' when the card is drawn. Whether you are a veteran Tarot reader or the curious initiate wanting to take their first step, The LifeDeck of Kelcross Tarot is a wonderful addition to any collection.

For more information about the World of Kelcross, please feel free to check out the Kelcross Academy Facebook page. This has access to all things Kelcross, including card meanings, Tarot spreads and a weekly Reading 'blog' known as 'Tarot Tuesdays'.

***UPDATED*** Now available as a free download, The Kelcross Atlas which includes 7 card spreads inspired by the Realms of Kelcross


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Publish Date September 04, 2014
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  • Traditional yet Original
  • Facebook Page support with Spreads and Cards Meanings
  • Different Art Styles for the Different Suits

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