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Little Doods Legends

Enter the Dood-iverse and encounter strange and wonderful creatures to battle your friends with




First created over 11 years ago, Little Doods is a trading card game based on luck and deck building that can be played by anyone who has learned their 10 times tables!

Little Doods Legends is made up of 60 unique creatures with different rarities, some of which have crazy, game changing abilities. All the creatures in the game are based on fan favourite cards from all 4 seasons of the Little Doods TCG, my first ever trading card game which can be seen on my youtube channel; Chaos Galaxy TCG (Just head to the 'My Old TCG's' playlist).

Little Doods battles are different every time, unpredictable, outright stupid, able to be played by up to 60 people and most of all, they're fun! All you need is a friend (or a few) and some cards and you can bring the Dood-iverse to life!

Each pack contains 12 different cards; 10 common cards, 2 rare cards, and if you're lucky there's 1 powerful Dood rare card in every 3 packs!


- All players must have decks with the same amount of cards in (you cannot use more than 1 copy of the same card in your deck).

- All players shuffle their decks and put them face down on the game table.

- All players look at the top cards of their decks before revealing them on the count of 3.
[ TIP: Before you reveal your card, make sure to check if it has a special ability, it could win you the round! ]

- Once revealed, compare the scores of all the cards and also use any special ability your card has.

- After comparing every players' score, the player who had the card with the highest score places that card in their winner pile. All other players put their cards in their loser piles.
[ TIP!: Don't get your winner and loser pile muddled up! I suggest putting your winner pile face up and you loser pile face down whilst holding your deck ].

- If the round is a tie, the 2 players put their cards to the side and play the next round. The winner of the next round becomes the winner of this round too.

- All players draw their next card and repeat the process of playing rounds until all players' decks are empty.

- When everyone has run out of cards, all players count the cards in their winner piles. The player with the most cards wins the game and is the champion of the Dood-iverse!


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Publish Date September 04, 2016
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Why buy this?

  • Anyone and any amount of people can play.
  • Every card has an indivitdual score and hand drawn artwork
  • Powerful Rare cards with unique abilities are in every pack

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