The Medieval Game of the Towers of Lucca

What is the game about?

Lucca is an abstract game where you play tiles (houses) in groups (blocks) and stacks (towers) to dominate the board (city). The board size depends on the level you wish to play - the bigger the board, the deeper the game.

How do you win?

You control a block by controlling the tower of the block and you control the tower by having the top house of the tower. On a standard 8x8 board, you win if, at the start of your turn, your tower is the highest and has a height of at least 8 houses.

How do you play?

Take turns to place one of your own tiles and one of your opponent’s tiles, either in an empty square or beneath already placed tiles to build a tower.

There may only be one tower in a block and its colors must correspond to the colors of the block, i.e. two black tiles in the block allows two black tiles in the tower.
When two blocks grow together, an equal amount of tiles is removed from the two towers, leaving only the strongest tower but potentially with a new controlling color.

The challenge of Lucca is to time the tower building and removal so that your own color prevails in the end.

What makes the game special?

The unique mechanism of Lucca is the four dimensional thinking where not only the block area and the tower height must be taken into account but also the timing of the removal. All this is accomplished in a pure and elegant setting where luck plays no part.


Square DeckSquare Deck (1 deck of 24 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Visually appealing - towers rise towards the sky
  • Ebb and flow gameplay - towers rise and fall
  • 4-dimensional - think area, height and time


DesignerNova Suecia Games
Average Rating (1)
Publish DateJune 14, 2014
EditionFirst, version 1.0
DepartmentBoard Games
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicStrategy
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