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Lumin Wars: Cyber Space Expansion

An incredible addition to the Lumin Wars Card Game!




Hey! Lumin Wars is currently being updated! This is a huge change and the last major overhaul of the game. The old and new versions will not be compatable. So it's probably not worth buying the game right now! But check back around September of 2023, and everything should be updated. The current game looks different than the art displayed here.

The CyberSpace Expansion Deck builds off the Lumin Wars Card Game, found here: Link to Original Game.

If you wish to buy Lumin Wars, view the link above. This is an Expansion or Add-on for the base game and can only be played if you already own the base game.

This epic deck adds 18 Special Action Cards to your arsenal of fun! With 9 new unique Special Action Card Types, this deck will allow you to mix and match whatever Special Action Cards you wish to include in any game.

Gameplay is not changed from the normal game, outside of mixing in the desired cards to the Special Action Card Deck.


1 fold out instruction sheet / card envelope

18 New Special Action Cards:

  • 2 FireWall
  • 2 Phish
  • 2 Exfiltrate
  • 2 RollOver
  • 2 Ransom
  • 2 Exploit
  • 2 Encrypt
  • 2 Cypher
  • 2 Spoof


  • New epic gameplay for 2-4 players.
  • Box compatibility - This deck will fit in the pre-existing Lumin Wars box.
  • The coolest card game art in CyberSpace.
  • The ability to mix and match desired Action Cards.


This expansion will be compatible with other Lumin Wars Expansions.

This product does NOT increase the number of players the game can support.

This product IS compatible with the 5-8 Player Expansion Deck.

This product IS compatible the Internaut Expansion.


New Cards:


Instruction Sheet / Card Envelope:





Fits in Box:


Story Page

In a realm of constant evolution and innovation, warfare never stops changing. It is a dangerous profession you have decided on. To not keep up with the latest discoveries and techniques leads to failure. Something you cannot afford. A recent break through in Lumin technology has uncovered several new and dangerous tools, now all at the disposal of anyone.

Of course, you didn’t have time to learn or study these new tools in depth before you found yourself in battle once again. But war waits for no one. And this time, you’ll have to learn all the rules mid fight. With your ship and your Lumins on the line, dabbling in things you don’t understand is worth the risk. Time to enable experimental protocol.


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Publish Date January 04, 2021
Edition 1.5.2
Department Games
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More Info Lumin Wars: Cyber Space Expansion web site

Why buy this?

  • Adds 18 new Special Action Cards to gameplay!
  • 2 card of each of the 9 new unique Actions!
  • Allows for customizable gameplay!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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