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Mage Against The Machine

Time-Travelling Wizards Fighting Against The Robot Apocalypse





Mage Against The Machine is a storytelling card game where you take on the roll of time-travelling wizards attempting to stop the robot apocalypse. You will travel back to the moments in your lives you have the most connection to in the hopes of finding the events that set in motion the destruction of civilization. But meddling with reality comes at a cost. Each time you use your magic to alter the world you generate anomalies, push too hard and the things you care about most may no longer exist in the present.

Players will create a character by giving them a defining memory they are able to travel back to. The players take turns visiting each others memories, with one player filling in all the details. This player is responsible for answering the other players questions about the events that happened in their memory while the other players take action to try and stop the robot apocalypse.


All the players are still responsible for keeping the game interesting. There are two big ways the game encourages this. First, when a player rolls a failure any player can jump in and explain why the plan didn't work. Additionally, as players generate anomalies by messing with time they can be spent to alter any detail provided by the player answering questions about their moment.

After the players have visited each moment and stopped the moments that lead to the machine uprising comes the resolution phase. Each player rolls multiple dice based on how many anomalies were caused in their moment to determine if and how exactly the thing they cared about most has been warped in the present. Mage Against The Machine is a game about risking it all, delving into memories, and coping with loss.

NOTE: This game does not include a six-sided die.


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Publish Date July 23, 2020
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  • Travel Back In Time
  • Avoid Anomalies
  • Face The Future

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