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Mage Cards

An evolving oracle deck

Max Razdow’s Mage Cards are a collectible, living oracle deck used for creative engineering, examining the self or world, and divining possible forms.

Each deck contains thirty cards chosen at random from the growing series (74 total cards so far), including primary archetypes of magical inquiry, common familiar beings, rare gods, goddesses and godlings, mystical places, arcana and poetic spells. Purchasing a deck is like a reading unto itself, and will set the foundation of your future work with the cards.

The Mage Cards catalog an unfixed, hermetic space of possible form. Your growing deck will illuminate aspects of self and elaborate questions about the archetypal universe, introducing a polyvalent magical practice that unifies inner and outer worlds. Created using colored ink cast as mystic elemental qualities, the Mage Cards manifest and engender the possible. As you manipulate them, they become talismanic, reveal meaning and act as monads in time.

April/May Update! 10 New Cards have been added, 3 of these are currently guaranteed in every pack: God of Consciousness, Wind God, Flight Demigoddess, Octopus Spell, Insect Demigod, Lunar Demigoddess, Grove of Latency, Epochal Transfer, Sedimentary Troll

PROMO! One Guaranteed God or Goddess card in every deck!

Want to give the cards a spin? Try a Digital Reading on Razdow.Org!

Each deck of 30 cards may include:

  • Mages (common - 18 total)

    alch.jpg herb.jpg wiz2.jpg

  • Familiar Beings (common - 18 total)

    selkie.jpg golem.jpg

  • Mystical Places, Artifacts (uncommon - 18 total)

    place.jpg starlab.jpg medusa.jpg

  • Demigods & Demigoddesses (rare - 14 total)

    illum.jpg mycol.jpg

  • Goddesses & Gods, Spells (very rare - 10 total)

    sea.jpg lioness_.jpg

  • Elusive Aspects (incredibly rare - unknown total)


How to do a basic reading:

Lay four cards at random face down in a row.

  1. The first card is the Tower / the self.
  2. The second card is the Well / the tool.
  3. The third card is the Mountain / the goal.
  4. The fourth card is Absitru / the mist.

Try a Digital Mage Card Spread on!

The Mage Cards were made via a specialized ritual of ink scrying and taxonomy. Color Signifiers are:

Gnosis (blue) Order (purple) Nature (green) Chaos (orange) Numina (teal) Apieron (yellow) Techne (red) Tulpa (copper)

mages.jpg beings.jpg


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Why buy this?

  • The 1st living oracle deck ever made? Continuous expansion
  • Each card you add will reveal new potential meaning,
  • A wide archetypal framework, set along new, noetic axises.




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Publish Date March 11, 2019
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Fantasy
Theme Art
Setting Alternate Past
Audience Diviners
Primary Mechanic Chance


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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