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Magic Artifact

Fantastic and addictive game with your family




A perfect integration of poker and board game! Are you a poker fan? Are you a board game geek? This fantastic game is definitely yours! This unique deck can be played with all poker games. In addition, it can be added with many power cards you cannot imagine. In the same time, there is a great board game rule, which will remind you of many hot games you ever played. Try this extraordinary game! It's easy, convenient, and fast to play. Use your imagination to create your own strategy to be the champion!

Fantastic and addictive game with your family and friends. 2-4 players. Team mode for 4 players.
90 cards including 60 normal artifacts and 30 power artifacts. 10+ highly playable expanding rules.

Get most magic points to become the winner!

Brief rule:

There are 3 phases in a player’s turn: the beginning phase, the operation phase and the ending phase.
1) The beginning phase: The active player can draw 1 card from top of the library...
2) The operation phase: The active player can place 1 normal artifact. He can also play at most 3 power artifacts...
3) The ending phase: If the active player doesn’t play any card, he can draw 2 cards. If he has more than 6 cards in hand, he should choose to discard extra cards.

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Publish Date March 27, 2012
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Why buy this?

  • Easy to start and highly strategic
  • Quick and addictive
  • Team mode and expanding rules


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