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Markets of Meer

A simple push your luck dice game with a little worker placement thrown in.





You are an unsuspecting civilian looking to invest your hard-earned cash in one of three businesses in a dystopian near-future metropolis named Meer, in an alternate version of Earth. "There's money to be made!" they claimed, and you in your eagerness to do so, approach various individuals claiming to be Brokers. What you don't know and probably never will, is that they are members of seedy organized crime rings (at least according to the "authorities"), that are looking to wash their dirty money with yours. The three businesses you're investing in are used by these crime rings for their legitimate and criminal activities. But you don't have to worry about that, you just have to keep your bank account in the black and hope your rivals go red.


Markets of Meer is a simple push your luck dice game with a little bit of worker placement thrown in. It serves as a great filler while you wait for your gaming session to begin. You'll take turns choosing brokers that give you various bonuses, rolling dice, earning shares in one of three businesses in the metropolis, and then deciding if you want to sell or push your luck and let the markets roll. But beware! One BUST! and any open shares you're holding are eliminated! Three BUSTS! and the player with the highest cash in their bank loses and the winner is the player with the second highest.

How To Play

This video features the free black and white print and play version of the game.



Solo Variant

Although this game plays best with multiple players, you can technically play solo competing with yourself. Or you could randomize all the other player's picks. 1d4 works best for choosing Brokers and of course picking/affecting shares can be done by rolling 1d6 and consulting the Pick ONE Share Chart.

5 or More Players Variant

You can actually play the game with more than 4 players. If you play with more than 4 players, each Broker can be picked twice and if you play with 12 players, each Broker can be picked three times, and so on.

Weekend Trading Variant

If you'd like to play a longer game, I'd suggest rolling 2 Events with nobody picking a Broker after Day 5 and then doing another 5 days with another round of Weekend Trading. You could add as many days as you like in this manner but beware of the 3 BUSTS!


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Publish Date December 25, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Super portable just one card
  • worker placement
  • Get a teensy tiny taste of a world that's rich with lore


  • This game does not come in a box.


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