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Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

Explore her tumultuous life. Taste the tears from her betrayals.

It's 1553 and Mary of Guise has given birth to the future Queen of Scotland. Days later King James V dies throwing the young Mary Stuart into medieval power politics. As a Scottish Lord/Lady within the 16th-century world of Scottish estates, castles, medieval cities, and alliances - you'll balance your powers as a landed noble -- controlling historical estates such as Edinburgh and Sterling Castle -- while competing as a Royal Courtier within Mary's inner circle. Within the Royal Court you'll forge personal relationships with the game's characters using their influence and power to further your cause.

Through realistic reenactment of historic events, understand anew Mary Stuart’s intellect, courage, and essence - juxtaposed by the greed of English and Scottish Lords. As you vie to influence key characters and their powers - history unfolds through character plots, events, and political power plays. Soon you'll know Mary's heart, her passions, feel the pulse of a sovereign's will, and taste the tears from her betrayals.

The game is played in two Acts or scoring rounds, each with its own cast of characters, scenes, and historical events. You'll control powerful Estates and direct historical characters to gain an advantage and shape history. Outwit and anticipate your opponents next moves -- being one step ahead of key historical events to win the game.

Select a stage manager, set the stage, and lean forward in your chair as the curtain raises on one of the most dramatic stories from medieval history.

Act 1 - The Queen of Pawns

  • Scene 1 - Coronation, Sept. 1543, Mary Stuart, Sterling Castle.
  • Scene 2 - Papal Legate, 1545, Cardinal Beaton, St. Andrews Castle.
  • Scene 3 - Treaty of Haddington, July 1548, Earl of Arran, Haddington, France.
  • Scene 4 - Regency, 1554, Mary of Guise, Edinburgh.

Act 2 - Scotland’s Queen

  • Scene 1 - Marriage, July 1565, Mary Stuart, Lord Darnley, Holyrood Palace.
  • Scene 2 - Prisoner, June 1567, Earl of Moray, Lockleven Castle.
  • Scene 3 - Abdication, June 1567, James VI, Edinburgh.
  • Scene 4 - Exile, May 1568, Mary Stuart, England.

Mary Stuart's journal gives us a unique view into her glorious, yet tragic life, inspiring movies such as the one to be released December 7, 2018.



The Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots is an absolutely unique and fascinating card game that faithfully reenacts her story. It plays like a board game as you build an alliance of Estates, use that power to influence those responsible for Mary’s story, and plot actions to outwit fellow nobility.

A fascinating dimension of gameplay involves reenacting and completing historical scenes from Mary’s tumultuous life and complex story. Each game is unique and no one strategy is best. You'll need to dynamically adjust your plays as fellow nobility create situations that can totally change the game if left unchecked.

For those fascinated by Mary's complex story, owning and sharing this game is a must. History is re-lived and retold in new, fun, and interesting ways.

Other Important Matters

We thank the National Library of Scotland [ National Library of Scotland ] who has graciously provided us a license for using many of their beautiful lithographs and maps of historic Scotland - capturing the essence of Mary's world. These unique and captivating works of art give the game its authentic look and feel, accurately depicting the actual estates where Mary and those involved in her story lived or met an untimely end.

Share Mary's story with others by hosting a Scottish themed social event, playing Act 1 with four teams/clans. Consult Scottish Recipes | Scotland is Now for authentic Scottish receipts. Play Act one or two as dinner event. Sláinte!

In addition to the rules, the game comes with free downloads of a Quick Start Guide and Theatrical Playbill that may be freely printed for guests and new players. Use these to set the stage, providing a historical introduction to each Act and its scenes.

We encourage you to read John Guy's book "Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart" for understanding Mary's story and a fascinating read. This book reads like a detective novel and was meticulously researched.

Finally, we thank you for your purchase and know you'll enjoy owning, playing, and sharing Mary's venturesome life with others.


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Why buy this?

  • Enter a world of Scottish castles, friendships and betrayals
  • Come to know those who forged Mary's fate.
  • Attention to detail on game design, art, & historical facts




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Publish Date July 08, 2016
Edition 1.3 (November 2018)
Department Card Games
Genre Historic
Theme Empire Building
Setting Alternate Past
Primary Mechanic Strategy
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