Mighty Cards

This is not a game! Mighty Cards are inspired by Cathy Moore's action mapping process for L&D.

Instructional Designers and L&D Professionals

Mighty Cards come with a set of five cards: Knowledge (recall), Knowledge (use), Skill, Motivation, and Environment. Use these cards to facilitate a Cathy Moore's action mapping-inspired activity with stakeholders to find out what type of issues they're facing.

  1. Bring stakeholders in a room.
  2. Write the business goal on a flipchart.
  3. Ask them how it will be measured.
  4. Ask them to list all people who can make this happen.
  5. Ask them to brainstorm all the actions and decisions these people should be making in order to achieve the business goal.
  6. After an exhausting list, explore them one by one with the cards:

Ask the stakeholders to pick one card the best describes WHY people are not doing what they're supposed to be doing. For more, visit my website at Rabbitoreg (Zsolt Olah)

One order includes 21 cards (4 set of each described above, plus one instructions. You can use it with three stakeholders, while you're holding on to one set. If you need more, order another set.)


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 21 cards)
NOTE: This game does not come with packaging.



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Are you in L&D? Do you design courses? This is for you.
  • Bring your stakeholders in one room! Facilitate the convo!
  • Pinpoint what barriers should be addressed by training.


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