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Mixed Motives

A game of hidden intentions




Stimulation, mastery, validation, freedom, certainty, authenticity — basic human needs that everyone seeks to fulfil.

Or do they?

Sometimes it seems as if people are acting against their own best interests. Perhaps they have a secret agenda — motivations that are hidden from everyone else. Perhaps you are a Dominator, an Idealist, a Pragmatist , a Spoilsport, a Victim... only you know. Who you are determines how you act.

In Mixed Motives you distribute Fulfilment points and take Actions to balance your Needs against the other players'. The ultimate aim is to achieve your hidden Motivation and end the game before anyone else.

Mixed Motives is an entertaining exploration of the human psyche and a fun game to play with friends and family — although you may decide you need therapy afterwards!

Games Magazine Awards Best Party Game Nominee 2014 (Funagain Games: Mixed Motives [])

PnP version (Mixed Motives (Print-n-Play) - Agreedibus Games | [])


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Average Rating 4 reviews
Publish Date June 30, 2013
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Why buy this?

It’s a very interesting mix of deduction, bluffing, and semi-cooperative to cooperative abstract game play

  • Different ways to win depending on your Motivation
  • Good balance of strategy and chance
  • A great opportunity to tell your friends how needy they are

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