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Moonshiners VS. Bigfoot, UFOs, Squirrels

The Law is the Least of Your Problems!




Makin’ shine is hard enough, what with all the sneakin’ around and hidin’ from the law. But here in Davenport County, things are a bit different.

Just try runnin’ off a batch while dodgin’ Bigfoot and UFOs...and especially the squirrels. Oh, Lord have mercy. They’re the worst of the bunch!

Moonshiners VS. is a humorous card and dice game for 2 players. Your goal is to make as much shine as possible but not just any ol’ shine will do. The higher the proof, the happier your customers will be…if you can get it to them in one piece.

Roll the dice to determine the action. Along the way, you will make jugs, lose jugs, steal jugs, swap jugs or face off against any number of wild and woolly critters! The feller at the end of the game with the higher point total (not the number of cards) is the winner!

Rated 18+ due to: alcohol theme, ornery behavior, and occasional saucy language.


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Publish Date May 04, 2014
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  • Bigfoot
  • UFOs
  • Squirrels


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