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MSF High Card Game: Mantastic

Starter Deck Set




Mantastic was an omegahero before he arrived at MSF High, and back then keeping his secret identity was fairly easy. Here, though, there aren't many mantis anthros, so he's dropped the pretense of hiding his civillian identity and is now an omegahero full-time! He's crafty, skilled, and resourceful, and these abilities can be yours now with this deck! Use his teammates' various powers to take the fight to your enemies and equip them all with useful items to keep your opponents on their toes! He's the answer to all your prayers!

Mantastic Deck Includes:

1 Lv2 Mantastic
2 Lv1 Mantastic
2 Lv1 Divina Ex Machina
2 Lv1 Improbable Crunch
2 Lv1 The Blur
2 Lv1 The Token Female
1 Hideout
1 Party Leader
2 Actor
1 News Reporter
1 Heroic Sacrifice
2 Retcon
2 Omegaheroic Preparedness
3 Omegaheroic Telekinesis
4 Omegaheroic Speed
4 Omegaheroic Healing
1 Whip of Fact-finding
2 Heroic Cape
2 Guitar Axe
3 Sentai Uniform
4 Tambourine Shield
4 Cute Mascot

Arthur Windfury appears at first glance to be a worthless slacker--he rarely turns in his homework on time, his projects are always rushed, and his personal grooming habits leave something to be desired. Little do his classmates know, however, beneath that rough exterior lies the heart of a hero! In times of crisis, he uses his magical microphone to transform into his true self, Nova Gemini, leader of the legendary Nova Guardians! Now you can harness the power of your inner spirit with this set, unleashing a flurry of magical attacks!

Nova Gemini Deck Includes:

1 Lv2 Nova Gemini
2 Lv1 Nova Gemini
2 Lv1 Nova Aquarius
2 Lv1 Nova Scorpio
2 Lv1 Nova Taurus
2 Lv1 Nova Capricorn
1 Massive Auditorium
1 Senshi
2 Dancer
1 Musician
1 Strength through Diversity
2 Fizzled Transformation
2 Omegaheroic Senses
3 Omegaheroic Healing
4 Omegaheroic Speed
4 Dual-Tech
1 Microphone Wand
2 Guitar Axe
2 Healing Wand
3 Cute Mascot
4 Senshi Uniform
4 Glamour Wand

Art for both sets is by Merlin Missingham


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Publish Date July 26, 2011
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