MSF High Card Game: Omeganeko

Starter Deck Set

Mya-Il is one of the first martial Neko clones, gifted with a fraction of the power of the great Nekopotamian rules, Princess Kasumi. His natural magical abilities are so concentrated that he cannot cast magical spells, but he doesn't need them--his body is a tremendous magical conduit, his powers only limited by his ability to control them. To learn the control he needs so badly, he managed to bring himself to MSF High, where he can become the hero he's destined to be. Now you can fulfill your destiny too and use this deck to overpower your foes!

Omeganeko Deck Includes:

1 Lv2 Omeganeko
2 Lv1 Omeganeko
2 Lv1 Utility Lass
2 Lv1 Force of Nature
2 Lv1 Megadevil
2 Lv1 Atmosfox
1 News Station
1 Omegahero
2 News Reporter
1 Actor
1 Omegaheroic Revival
2 Omegaheroic Senses
2 Omegaheroic Accounting
3 Omegaheroic Laservision
4 Omegaheroic Healing
4 Binding Pin
1 Jet Thrust Belt
2 Heroic Cape
2 Theta Mahoucite
3 Identity Concealers
4 Sword Keytar
4 Bass Mace

Whether MSF City is under attack from rampaging monsters, dark shadows, or weirdos in foam rubber suits, you can count on the justodians to fight for the side of virtue. Though each one is formidable enough on their own, it's only through their stellar teamwork that they are one of the most powerful fighting forces in the city. Now you can take the fight with you and play as Justodians Purity, Mind, Body, Light, and Sound to take down unorganized opponents and show them what true justice is all about!

Justodian Purity Deck Includes:

1 Lv2 Justodian Purity
2 Lv1 Justodian Purity
2 Lv1 Justodian Mind
2 Lv1 Justodian Body
2 Lv1 Justodian Light
2 Lv1 Justodian Sound
1 Big City
1 Sentai
2 Actor
1 Dancer
1 Strength through Teamwork
2 Rivalry
2 Omegaheroic Healing
3 Omegaheroic Speed
4 Omegaheroic Might
4 Heroic Pose
1 Hammer of Justice
2 Performing Outfit
2 Sentai Suit
3 Glamour Wand
4 Sentai Helmet
4 Glam Rock Wig

Art for both sets is by Merlin Missingham


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Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 50 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 50 cards)



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Cool Factors

  • Unique Characters!
  • Wacky Spells!
  • Powerful Items!


DesignerMysticJoJo Studios
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Publish DateJuly 26, 2011
DepartmentBoard Games
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