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What would you do if an evil magician cast a spell on you? What would you do if a scary monster was invading your town? What would you do if the fate of the world depended on you?! Now is your chance to find out in this epic quest of a game where the only limit is your imagination and possible sense of humour.

You play as Zemily Lazteck and her group of superhero friends who form the all-mighty (and slightly eccentric) “Epic Team”; a group of thirty-something demigods each with their own unique strengths, abilities and personality quirks. Use your elemental powers to defeat The Dark Vortex, a group of evil gods and goddesses who set about causing havoc in anyway possible. Build your story and collect items to aid you along the way. Some items give you special moves, some items make you invincible and some items are just plain useless….or are they? You decide as you use your imagination to save the world!

My Kind of Epic ©2020 - 2024 Ziggy Newman. All rights reserved

How to play:

Game Objective

Complete the game board and score as many points as possible by fighting against the Dark Vortex with the aid of your elemental superpowers, human interaction skills and collected items. The player with the most points by the end of the game wins!

Getting Started

  1. Open the game board and place on a flat surface.

  2. Separate ITEM cards from FIGHT cards and shuffle both decks. Place face down on the indicated spaces on the game board.

  3. Each player chooses an Epic Team character to play as for the duration of the game. There are 10 characters to choose from with an opitional 11th player acting as the game master.

  4. Each character possess a strength, weakness, unique abilty and elemental superpower. Take note of all of these traits as they will affect your scoring and descion making within the game.

  5. Once you have chosen your characters, position the counters, according to their corrisponding colour, on the start space on the board.

Moving Through The Board

  1. Each player rolls one dice and moves the given number of steps on the board.

  2. When landing on a written space, the following must occur:

    FIGHT - Draw a card from the FIGHT pile and participate in the given FIGHT scenario

    ITEM - Draw a card from the ITEM pile and keep to store in your inventory for use in battle
    NOTE: Do not show your items to the other players.

    STUCK - Miss a turn and discard all of your ITEM cards to the bottom of the ITEM pile.

    INJURED - Reset points to zero (unless a SILTECK HEALING LIQUID PACK ITEM card is provided).

  3. All players must participate in all of the 10 FIGHT battles listed on the board. When moving across the board if a player passes a FIGHT space, they must stop and take part in the active (existing or new) FIGHT scenario.

    EXAMPLE: if a player rolls a 5 on the dice and a FIGHT space is the 4th spot on the board, the player must stop at the FIGHT space and complete the FIGHT scenario before moving forward.

  4. Once a player has reached the FINISH space, the game is completed and the final scores can be added up.

  5. The overall winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game (use the included SCORE-PAD to decide this).


When participating in a FIGHT scenario, a player must state an IDEA for which the battle against the opposing villain can be defeated.

Your ideas can be as original and creative as you wish however they must follow the following criteria:

  1. In any FIGHT battle, you can only use an idea once.

  2. Ideas must fit within your chosen characters elemental superpowers, unique ability, human combat/interaction or the ITEM cards you have collected throughout the game.

  3. Players are not permitted to manifest ITEMS in their ideas unless an ITEM CARD of the relevant object is present in their inventory.

Scoring Points

  1. When landing on a FIGHT space, draw a card from the FIGHT pile and read the scenario given on the card to the other players.

  2. State your IDEA on how you will complete the FIGHT scenario written on the card.

  3. Each FIGHT card will have a dice threshold amount written underneith the scenario. This illistrates how many points this card is worth but also the amount you will need to roll in order to complete the FIGHT battle.

  4. After stating your IDEA, roll the dice and take note of your result.

  5. If your result is over the dice threshold, you have completed the FIGHT and can record the dice threshold amount as your score for that battle. You may also move forward one space on the board and draw an ITEM card from the ITEM pile as a reward for your victory.

  6. If your result is under the dice threshold amount, then you must remain on the FIGHT space and state a new IDEA when it is your next turn.

  7. Players may not move from a FIGHT space until a battle is completed.

Stengths & Weaknesses

When participating in a FIGHT scenario, each character will possess a strength and a weakness.

This means a point is either added or subtracted from the FIGHT scenario dice threshold when fighting against a specific villain making the battle harder or easier.

Item Cards

When landing on an ITEM space or after the completion of a FIGHT scenario, a player must draw a card from the ITEM pile.

When a player takes an ITEM CARD, they must store it in their inventory for use in battles on the FIGHT spaces.

NOTE: You must not display your items to the other players.

ITEM CARD use criteria is as follows:

  1. For every ITEM CARD used in a sing le IDEA, a player adds 1 point to their score if the IDEA results in a winning FIGHT battle. EXAMPLE: A player participates in a FIGHT scenario worth 4 points and uses 2 ITEM CARDS. If the FIGHT battle is won record 6 points as the score. If the battle is lost, do not record any points.

  2. An ITEM CARD may only be used once. Once used, any ITEM CARDS must be discarded to the bottom of the ITEM pile.

  3. There is no limit on the amount of ITEMS used in one IDEA.

  4. At any point in the game, players have the option to trade ITEM CARDS. For this to take place, a player can ask their fellow participants if they wish to trade any ITEM CARDS in their inventory. It is at the player’s discretion for a trade to be agreed and the player is not obliged to disclose the content of the ITEM CARD being offered.

Item Cards Containing Additional Points

Some ITEM CARDS can reduce the dice threshold amount of a FIGHT scenario by adding additional points when battling against a specific villain. When using these cards in battle, add the relevant points to a player’s score taking into account the dice threshold of the FIGHT scenario that has been played.


  1. A player uses an ITEM card worth 2 points within a FIGHT scenario worth 4 points: 4 - 2 = 2 - the player only has to roll a 2 or more to win the battle.

  2. A player uses an ITEM card worth 5 points within a FIGHT scenario worth 2 points: record 6 as the points score for the battle as the FIGHT CARD dice threshold of 2 has been covered by the 5 points added on by the ITEM CARD. This leaves the player 3 extra points on top of the dice threshold amount of 2 and the ITEM card playing point amount of 1 to add to their score.

Combine Attacks

If two or more players find themselves on the same FIGHT space during an active FIGHT scenario, they must perform a COMBINE ATTACK and state an IDEA involving all of the characters positioned on the space.

To perform a COMBINE ATTACK, when landing on a FIGHT space whilst a FIGHT scenario is currently active by another player(s), the new player must join the existing FIGHT scenario taking place on the space. They then must state an IDEA involving all of the characters present on the FIGHT space to defeat the villain in question

Once the FIGHT scenario is complete, all of the players that have participated in the COMBINE ATTACK receive the points illustrated by the FIGHT CARD’S dice threshold.

Role Of The Game Master

In any game setup, an additional player can participate as the GAME MASTER. Here the additional player must act the game’s storyteller and referee.

EXAMPLE: During a FIGHT scenario, when an IDEA is stated, depending on the result presented by a player’s dice roll, the GAME MASTER must depict the narrative reason why an attack did or did not succeed in battle.

So how will you save the world? What ever your ideas will be.... have an epic time


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Publish Date December 01, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Choose from 10 different characters to defeat the villains
  • Build your story and collect items to aid you along the way
  • The only limit is your imagination and sense of humour


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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