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Nine Moons

9 is the key. Points are made by either a single card of a pair of cards adding to 9.

The goal of the game is to complete the moon matrix by making two card melds that add up to 9. So a player would, for example, mate a 3 with a 6 to get 9 and lay that down as a meld. The player wants to have as few unmatched cards in his hand at the end of the round as possible. Complete moon matrix count as positive points, unmatched cards are negative points. The most points wins the round (thus gets to deal) and the player with the most at the end of the game wins the game. Ther are 9 moon cards and 3 blocking cards in 4 colors.

4 5 9 Nebula
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Cards are collected and discarded through a deck and a matrix of 9 cards. There is also instructions for playing a version of Pinochle called Moonachle.




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Publish Date January 02, 2018
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Science
Theme Education
Setting Space
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Pattern Matching
If You Like Rummy
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Why buy this?

  • 9 of the largest moons in our solar system
  • Astronomy! Moons! Black Hole! Nebula!
  • Really good, real images of moons in our solar system.

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