“I enjoy quick games, storytelling games, and detective stories, so the combination of all three in one game really hit home for me....We wanted to see more!”


Storytelling in a Film Noir style

Welcome to Noir, a Crime-ridden world where a good Private Dick can make a killing. In this town homicide is only heartbeat away and it is executed in increasing ingenious and bizarre ways.

Noir is a "denouement" game for 3 – 6 Detectives that lasts only a few minutes per round. The "denouement mechanic" is a special type of storytelling game, where the key elements of the stories events are determined by the game, then the players must weave them together in the most inventive of ways.

In Noir the game’s Judge sets a Victim and a Killer. Then players must select a Means, Motive and Opportunity from cards in their hand. They then use these elements to tell the story of how the killer did the deed. Preferably this is delivered in the style of a Detective in the third act, revealing to the audience and assembled cast just how clever they were to figure it out. The stories are cross examined and picked apart by the other players, before the Judge settles on the best, using whatever criteria they prefer.

Noir is packed with a grim cast of Femme Fatales, gumshoe P.I.s, mean Mobsters and hardened Hit Men. The play throws out stories which are by turns dark, hilarious, inventive and always, always memorable.

At the bitter end the best denouement of the game wins!

Watch Casper Jansen review Noir along with a play through demonstration.

Watch designer Kedric Winks discuss working on Noir on The Bottled Imp web channel.

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Cool Factors

  • Become a super sleuth in a moody rain soaked Noir thriller
  • Use your imagination to investigate 57,000 possible murders
  • Tie together the means, motive and opportunity of the killer


DesignerKedric Winks
Average Rating (6)
Publish DateDecember 18, 2017
DepartmentCard Games
Primary MechanicStorytelling
More InfoNoir web site

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