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Nuclear Poker 2015

These cards really are against humanity!




Nuclear Poker started life as a strategic simulation aimed at young generals too young to remember the Cold War.
It is now a fun apocalyptic party game for between three and eight players.
With rules a bit simpler than Gin Rummy, a hand of Nuclear Poker takes about ten minutes.
Don’t worry, Mutually Assured Destruction only happens every three or four hands :)

We hope you will enjoy the game.
The Nuclear Poker team in no way endorse nuclear war, or the planning and strategising of nuclear wars using our game.

Nuclear Poker is a collaboration between:
Vinay Gupta (rules) The Hexayurt Project: Free Hardware housing for the world []
Ian Willey (art) []

Twitter: @NuclearPoker


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Publish Date May 22, 2015
Edition 2015
Department Games
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  • Russian translation!
  • Spanish translation!
  • Mutually Assured Destruction!

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