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Master the Elements!




Omen is a game of strategy, luck, and magic!

Harness the power of the elements to cast spells that enhance your abilities and hinder your opponents in a race around the kingdom.

Become the most powerful sorcerer by collecting Elemental cards and creating magical Gems, but be careful; draw an Omen card and your luck will flip on its head!

In Omen, players embody 1 of 4 elements and strive to become the most powerful sorcerer. Each turn, players roll the dice and move across the board. If players land on an element space, they collect the corresponding Elemental card and place a Totem, which gives them ownership of that space. The more Totems a player has in play, the more chance they have of collecting Elemental Cards from opponents who land on their spaces, and the more cards they get passing their Castle (home base). These Elemental cards are in turn used to cast devious spells on opponents, or help the player in different ways. Elemental cards are also used to create Gems. The first player to collect 7 of each Elemental card they don't represent and use those to create 3 Gems is the winner.

"Omen is the brainchild of Benjamin Conner, an avid board-gamer who works in the Visual Effects Industry. Having never made a board game before, Benjamin sought out copies of all the most popular games and dissected each one to find out what made it tick, and more importantly what made it fun. Omen is the fantastical game that resulted out of those years of research. Simple and elegant yet full of strategy, Omen is sure to please the whole family and keep you yearning for more."

If you're not sold yet, just know that I have priced this game as cheaply as possible to where I only make a 2$ profit. So if you decide to get this game, thank you for buying me a cheeseburger, and enjoy!! :]

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Publish Date June 24, 2012
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Why buy this?

If you are into games that look good, play easy, and are fun with a small group, then Omen is something you should definitely check out! We had an excellent time playing it with many different gamer types, and everyone came away happy!

  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Cast devious spells to hinder your opponents!
  • Master the elements in your quest for victory!


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