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Game participants will experience how abusers & victims of abuse behave.




No one deserves to be abused.

And most people don't understand how subtle emotional-psychological abuse can be. By the time victims are hit, many of them may, ironically, already believe they deserve it.

Emotional-psychological abuse almost always precedes physical abuse; however someone does not have to be physically hurt to experience a lifetime of abusive manipulation and control.

Friends and family are not always aware of the tactics of abuse, and may fall unwittingly into a position that supports the abuser! Even worse, victims are often re-victimized by others who have no understanding of the realities of abuse.

This game is designed to be played by 5 people or teams. It can be used in offender treatment groups, domestic abuse shelters, high schools, colleges, social worker schools, and individual or family counseling settings. It teaches professional staff the way abusers and victims behave. It helps abusers recognize their own behavior and victims to understand what has happened to them. It teaches adults the realities of what happens to children.

Most victims only share the “tip of the iceberg” with friends, family and coworkers. This game experientially portrays the underlying realities of domestic abuse and violence.

An alternative to boring lectures:

Learn more about the dynamics of intimate partner/domestic abuse and violence in a way that is safe, challenging and, dare we say, fun!

Here's what Counselors say:

**“Thought provoking”, “Valuable to see/experience domestic violence from different characters perspectives”, “Great educational tool! I wish I’d thought of it!”, “The OUTrage developers really understand domestic violence.”

See the Communications Workers of America workshops in action with this 5 minute video:


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Publish Date July 06, 2015
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Why buy this?

This game made me realize even more how the children of Domestic Violence are victimized by the system as well as the abuser.

  • Safe, challenging and fun!
  • Includes dynamics for Abusers, Victims, Children and others.
  • Can be used in a variety of teachable settings.

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