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Park Trails

Find your Parks, Hike your Trails, Race to the Summit!




Park Trails is a sequence building, memory game set on some of the best trails the National Parks have to offer. Will you meander on the easy trails or challenge yourself to summit the most strenuous peaks? Then again, you could just make it a driving tour. Pick your adventure and race to the top as you experience the great outdoors in Park Trails.

The Basic Rundown
In Park Trails, each player has their own line of 10 cards that they are trying to sequence according to the park foundation decade, from most recent to oldest. However, the cards begin the game face down, so even the owner of the line doesn't know what cards are in or out of sequence to start the game. Each turn players have option of drawing a card from one of the available piles and using it to replace one from your line (or you could place it in an opponents line, but that's a good way to make enemies).

"But how will you know which cards to replace", you ask? Your other option each turn is to peek at or flip over 2 cards that are already in your line. This is a great way to make use of cards in your line that were already in sequence and to know where to place new cards you draw. You need to be cautious though, because once a card is either flipped or placed face up, it cannot be moved or exchanged. So one miscalculation or faulty memory can leave you in a really tight spot for the rest of the round.

And if this all sounds too simple, not all cards are worth the same number of points at the end of the round. More recent decades have easy trails and are only 1 point. The middle of the pack is worth 2 points for their moderate trails. And the oldest parks have strenuous trails worth 3 points. Additioinally, each decade has one drive that continues the sequence, but is worth 0 points( we are supposed to be hiking, after all). And there are two wild cards that are -10 points. This change in card values adds an aspect of push-your-luck gameplay to the sequencing and memory aspects of the game.

Park Trails can be played as just a single match, winner-take-all, or multiple matches until a specific point value is reached (we recommend 100 points).

Watch the "How to Play Park Trails" video for an overview on the rules and to see how the game works.


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Publish Date August 13, 2016
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Why buy this?

  • Real trails and roads used from the National Parks.
  • Each card is a unique trail and the actual topographic map.
  • Also functions as a standard deck of playing cards.

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