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Patriots and Providence

A cleaver card game for experiencing the American Revolution.




Its January 1774 and the British Crown is about to deal harshly with Boston's protests in defiance of the Tea Act. Soon, you’ll be embroiled in the causes and conflicts of the American Revolution.

As a colonial leader, you'll have several choices to make - how to best manage your colonies and which causes to support (Patriot or Loyalist). But, choose wisely or your opponents may seize control.

Play mechanics are easy to learn, face-paced, and offer several winning strategies. You'll match citizen supporters to needed resources for colonies you lead. Complete your secret missions by leading specific colonies and completing historical events. Obtain the support of key historical leaders to gain even more influence, power, and win the game.

Will you support the King or fan the flames of Independence?

Are you proving for your supporters or will you lose their confidence?

Patriots and Providence is a perfect mix of skill, luck, and strategy. It entertains and informs you about the events and personalities of the American Revolution. You’ll have lots of fun competing to build an alliance of colonies and foreign governments you represent, rallying citizens behind a cause, and strategizing to complete events that shaped America’s liberty, freedom, and constitutional form of government.

Parents, children, teachers, students, and history buffs gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for the Patriots who sacrificed to achieve the independence of the American people.

History comes alive in new and fascinating ways with this fast-paced, family-friendly game that's fun for novices and history buffs alike.


Besides the easy to follow one-page rules, the game comes with an informative Learning Guide that families, educators, and history buffs can use for enhancing the learning experience. It also includes thoughtful insights into gameplay and winning strategies.


We received this suggestion from a school teacher using Patriots and Providence in her history class. She created a series of multiple choice questions about the American Revolution that are randomly drawn when someone completes an event. If they get the answer correct, they get +3 Bonus Points. What a great idea!


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Publish Date September 23, 2016
Edition 2.1
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  • Fun for a wide age group, easy to learn, lots of options
  • Perfect gift for students, teachers & history buffs.
  • Makes learning fun and memorable.


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