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PDF Only MaGCK Matrix Game Construction Kit User Guide

The ultimate matrix game design kit user guide




This is a downloadable PDF of the Matrix Game Construction Kit User Guide ONLY. It does not include game scenarios or components.

The complete Matrix Game Construction Kit (include game materials and scenarios) can be found here.

In a "matrix game” there are few preset rules limiting what players can do. Instead, each is free to undertake any plausible action during their turn. The chances of success or failure, as well as the effects of the action, are largely determined through structured argument and discussion. This process allows for imaginative game dynamics that are lively and open-ended, and yet also grounded in reality.

Matrix games are particularly well-suited for complex conflicts and issues involving multiple actors and stake-holders, varying interests and agendas, and a broad range of (diplomatic/political, military, social, and economic) dimensions. The game system crowdsources ideas and insight from participants, thereby fostering greater analytical insight.

First developed by Chris Engle, matrix games have been played by hobbyists for years. They have also been used as serious games for training at the US Army War College, National Defense University, the Central Intelligence Agency, and elsewhere; for defence planning, capability assessment, and acquisitions in Australia, Canada, the UK, and US; for security planning for the Vancouver Olympics; as a research and analytical support tool at the UK Foreign Office; and as an educational method in various universities. They are particularly well-suited for multi-sided conflicts or other issues that involve a broad range of capabilities and interaction.


1.0 Introduction to Matrix Gaming 1.1 Using MaGCK

2.0 Playing Matrix Games 2.1 Actions, Arguments, and Counterarguments 2.2 Determining Outcomes 2.3 Preparatory and Secret Actions 2.4 Ongoing Effects 2.5 Spendable Bonuses 2.6 Privileged Arguments

3.0 Maps, Tokens, and Other Matrix Game Elements

4.0 Levels of Protection, Big Projects, and Planning

5.0 Player Interaction 5.1 Announcements 5.2 Negotiations 5.3 Order of Play

6.0 Combat Resolution 6.1 SCRUD 6.2 The Efect of Winning and Losing 6.3 Killer Arguments

7.0 Elections and Other Contests

8.0 Consequence Management

9.0 Common Issues and Helpful Hints 9.1 ACTIONs That Aren’t Actions 9.2 Talking Too Much 9.3 Doing Too Much 9.4 Magical Conjuring 9.5 Representing Time 9.6 Goals 9.7 Social Engineering 9.8 Problem Participants 9.9 Influential Seniors

10.0 Playing ISIS Crisis and A Reckoning of Vultures

11.0 Advanced Matrix Gaming 11.1 Event cards 11.2 Limiting Information 11.3 Multiple Actions 11.4 Larger or Distributed Groups 11.5 Hybrid Games 11.6 Data Collection and Debriefs

12.0 Designing Your Own Matrix Games

13.0 Concluding Comments

14.0 Dedication and Acknowledgements


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Publish Date December 06, 2017
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