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Petra: Era of Prosperity

Guide the Nabataean people to build up the city of Petra in this unique twist on a roll & write game




You are among one of the leaders of the Nabataean people. Guide them as they build Petra during its era of prosperity.

Build great monuments, grow frankincense and myrrh, build prosperous trade routes, and journey across the lands of ancient Jordan. Players will do all of this on a shared map in this civilization building roll & write game.

A Unique Twist on a Roll & Write

Players will be drawing on an expanding shared map

Great blend of mechanics

Assymetric player abilities, resource management, dice drafting and push your luck all in a tight, strategic and thematic game

Fantastic Art

Beautiful art from Radu Paul Mazanec that really brings the theme of ancient Petra to life

BGG Contest Finalist!

While in its development, Petra: Era of Prosperity was entered in the 14th Roll & Write contest on BGG and took 3rd place in Best Multiplayer Game, Best Game Sheet and Best Cover. After the contest, Petra went through multiple iterations of development and the final version of the game was finished and published on Game Crafter.


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Publish Date December 29, 2023
Edition First
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Why buy this?

Petra: Era of Prosperity is one of my favorite roll-and-write games due to its depth, creativity, and risk-taking...

  • Unique Strategic Roll & Write Game
  • Petra Civilization Historic Theme
  • Great multiplayer and solo gameplay

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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