A friendly fiasco of judgmental proportions

Prepare to rate your heart out. Pinions will have you creating categorical lists out of thin air, then casting votes to decide what rises to the bottom or sinks to the bottom of each list.

Your own opinions will determine who scores and who doesn't. If your ratings end up in line with the current lead player, then you'll be helping them win. But should your votes be aligned with your fellows, then you'll find yourself securing a few points of your own.

Like minds pave easy street, but not if your friends are in high places. So is honesty really the best policy? Well, this is clearly a game of politics. Therefore play it however you feel it. Some will chase the win to any end, while others will simply enjoy telling you what they think. Perhaps you'll be one of those lucky few who manage both and make it look like a breeze.

Pinions is a socially competitive game with a sense of gambling at its base for those interested in playing the odds. Win or lose though, the fun here is never ending. And even the losers will be begging for another round.


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Cool Factors

  • Continual player involvement!
  • Limitless replay value!
  • As fun to play as it is to win!


DesignerShane Windham's Games
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Publish DateNovember 26, 2013
DepartmentBoard Games

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