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Polyhedral Predicaments - Dungeon Demise

Delve deep into a dungeon in search of treasures.




In Polyhedral Predicaments - Dungeon Demise you are a hero delving deep into a dungeon in search of treasures. You'll encounter a maze of rooms, each with a powerful enemy, weapons and tools that will help you on your journey, as well as coins and gems. Collect what you can, survive if you are able, and defeat the dungeon boss at the end to earn a trove of valuables!

Clarifications & FAQ Page

The rules that come with the game are printed on the hook box, so this page provides some additional details. PP: Dungeon Demise FAQ


After playing the game some more I've made a couple of small adjustments. If you already purchased a copy of the game, these changes aren't listed in the rules but will be in future copies. You can still use the old version with these minor updates.

  • Re-rolls - You are allowed 1 re-roll per Level that you are on. So one re-roll on Level 1, two on Level 2, etc. Dungeon Bosses allow five re-rolls.
  • Boss - Dragon - The Dragon originally had you ignore the highest rolled die. That made the Dragon nearly impossible to beat, especially with only the required three dice. The new Dragon rule is to use half the value of the highest roll.
Recommended Accessories

In addition to a set of polyhedral dice, I recommend using a meeple or small miniature to keep track of where you are in the dungeon. Dice and character meeple are not included in the game.



Polyhedral Predicaments - Dungeon Demise is the third game in the Polyhedral Series of games created by GJJ Games. It is also the first title in the Polyhedral Predicaments line of games within that series. Several more games are forthcoming!

Polyhedral Predicaments is a series within a series! These are small, 18-card games that share similar mechanics as you go on adventures and survive disasters. Besides a set of dice, some games require some additional components, like tokens, coins, meeples, etc.


Suggested Dice Sets
TGC Polyhedral Dice Sets - $5.99 Black Blue Colors
There's Fun In Store Dice Various Dice Sets - $5-$10
Amazon Dice Sets Prices start at $4 and go up from there.


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Publish Date March 04, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • 18 card micro-dungeon crawler.
  • Use your RPG dice when you're not on an adventure.
  • Keep in your pocket and play anywhere!

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