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Population: 4

Will you survive?




"Nobody knows where they came from, or who they are. All we know is that it is us or them, and if we’re not together in this, we’re our own enemy. Let’s move up before it’s too late!"

Population: 4 is a 2-5 players Action Survival game, where one player controls the zombie hordes, while the others play a survivor each, who try to stock up to escape the zombie infested city.

Population: 4 offers hours of incredibly fun and thrilling cooperative gameplay, where every decision could drive you closer to life or death. A wrong turn may be the death sentence of all your team! Anything can happen, and of course, discussing tactics, objectives, sharing and trading are crucial for your survival.

Even though the city map is the same, the building layout is randomly distributed, giving this game countless variations of the layout, where no game is like another. This game is all about replayability.

Plus, we have noticed that every game proves to be an amazing zombie story, so if you've got the talent or are in the mood, record and write or just write it and share it with us! Well written stories will be featured and shared by us here under your permission, and why not, maybe publish them in paperback format and split the earnings, building the most awesome zombie storytelling community experience!

Engage an unforgettable game experience with Population: 4!

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Average Rating 5 reviews
Publish Date May 10, 2012
Edition Second
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Action Survival
  • Amazing Cooperative Gameplay
  • A different story every game


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