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Portmeirion Tarot

Portmeirion, Wales as a Pop-Up Tarot Spread
Imagine a well-shuffled Tarot deck formulating the blueprint for an eccentric village, every picture unfolding into picturesque architecture, every background transforming into real ground, every portent a literal signpost. The idiosyncratic coastal village of Portmeirion, Wales is exactly such a place—a Tarot deck made manifest in mortar and gold leaf. Around one corner, a statue of a cherubic Fool stands blithely on the edge of a rocky precipice. Down another path, the World sits atop the shoulders of a Hercules statue, while the God-Empress Frigga looks on. Elsewhere, St. Peter pontificates from a balcony like a true Hierophant, in the shadow of a soaring Italianate Tower. Taken together, the assorted facets of Portmeirion are eerily like an elaborate spread of divinatory cards—an esoteric pop-up book of sorts in which all the archetypes interrelate in three dimensions.

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Publish Date June 24, 2015
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Popular Culture
Theme Travel
More Info Portmeirion Tarot web site

Why buy this?

Step into another world of tarot, literally. A truly unique Tarot deck from a truly unique individual.

  • Perfect for fans of the cult TV series The Prisoner
  • An entire village of Tarot symbolism
  • Guide book sold separately at Amazon

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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