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Post-Pandemic Networking Cards Event Set

Get people talking at networking events with these funny sayings and inside networking joke cards.




Get Ready for In-Person Networking Again

These Cards Will Have Everyone Talking... About You!

This set includes 40 assorted Networking Tip cards to make it easy to connect with people at in-person meetings and events.

Many of us feel a bit awkward about meeting people normally. But meeting face to face after so long can be stressful!

What do we say? How do we act? Will it feel natural, or just wierd?

Don't worry! You can make it fun and stress free with these clever conversation starter cards. They help you break the ice and kick start a conversation. No more fake chit chat about the weather. Make them laugh with these networking jokes. They'll love it when you hand them one these clever cards.

This set has enough cards to connect with 40 people. This is perfect for a single event or a few meetings where you will meet new people. It can also be a great way to reconnect with those you already know too. You'll know exactly what to do. Start the interaction with a smile. It takesthe anxiety out of situation for you both!

Just 5 Simple Steps:

1. You choose a card from the set (randomly or a specific card).

2. Write your name and contact info on the back.

3. Approach someone and hand them the card.

4. Introduce yourself and share a simple phrase (you'll find suggestions on the instruction cards that comes with the set).

5. Watch them smile (or laugh) and viola, Ice Broken!

The Card Does the Work for You!

Each set contains 41 Assorted Tip Cards and 1 Instruction Card. Some cards may be duplicates (the really fun ones). There are three types of cards in each set:

Reminder Cards: To help us remember how to network at in-person events again in a clever way.


Sorry Cards: To have fun with differences in meeting over video and meeting in the real world.


Tips Cards: Funny pointers to help us all remember how to engage with each other face to face again.


After they laugh at the joke (or at how bad it is) it's much easier to continue the conversation.

They will be willing to talk to you. No fear of rejection or awkwardness after you share a laugh. So you can move forward with confidence.

Plus, they'll know you're not just there to shove your business card at them.

Buy a card set now and make connections easy at that next in-person event. Ensure people are talking about you... in a good way!

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Publish Date May 14, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Break the ice with humor and help start a conversation!
  • Approach strangers with ease and confidence at events!
  • Removes any awkwardness of returning to in-person events!


  • This game does not come in a box.


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