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Pull! - A Trap Shooting Card Game

A trap-shooting, partnership card game about busting clay targets to score the most points.




You and your buddies have teamed up at the range for a day of shooting sporting clays. Leave it to your friends to turn clay target shooting into a competitive team sport. The team that can shoot down more targets may be the better shot, but the team that scores the most points is obviously the winner. You must be careful to not shoot the wildlife or it could cost you!

PULL! - A Trap Shooting Card Game is a partnership style card game inspired by classics such as spades, whist, and euchre. Unlike these traditional games, there are two active tricks each round and the winner of each round does not get to lead the next round. At the start of each hand, the dealer deals 10 cards from the Shot Deck to each player and flips over the top two cards of the Target Deck. Each Target is worth a number of points and players take turns playing a Shot card on each. The team that plays the highest valued Shot will win the Target and score the points, but you must play carefully, because shooting the wildlife will lose you points! Additionally, if a team scores both Targets, they may receive bonus points. A hand lasts five rounds then points are tallied and recorded. The deal is passed to the left and play continues in this fashion until one team scores a set number of points.

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Publish Date December 09, 2014
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"I like trick taking games and this one is exceptional" - Hunter

  • Trick-Taking
  • Partnership Play
  • Skeet shooting...?


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