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Four Times The Family Fun!




Familiar poker rankings, strategic card placement, unique wild card opportunities, and thoughtful use of resources - QUATTRO is Four Times the Family Fun!

QUATTRO is a card game of competitive card placement and strategic resource management.  You'll place cards matching ranked categories against an ever-changing card layout.   QUATTRO also requires thoughtful resource management as you mark cards with tokens to create offensive plays that earn you points and prevent your opponents from scoring. 

Players start with four square QUATTRO cards whose four corners represent different placement possibilities.  Three corners are playing cards from different suits (Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, or Spades).  You'll use these to make plays against a layout of cards. The fourth corner is an elemental symbol (Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind) that only becomes a wild card after placed in the layout, providing select players bonus points and unique advantages.

You'll start your turn with 12 different playing card combinations for creating QUATTRO ranked categories ranging from One Pair to a Four Card Straight Flush.  When you complete a "QUATTRO" (a four card scoring category) players whose tokens mark the scored cards earn points and may reuse their tokens for future plays.

BUT WATCH OUT! Your plays can be blocked and isolated by higher-ranking QUATTRO categories. You'll have to think ahead, anticipating your opponent's possible moves to dominate this game. You are never without a move, but which one is best? Every turn provides endless opportunities that dynamically change as new cards are placed in the layout.



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Publish Date May 13, 2018
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  • Poker ranked card placement against an ever-changing layout.
  • Creatively use elemental wild cards to earn bonus points.
  • Block your opponent's advance, while planning your next play


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