Queen's War

Be The Last One Standing.

The lines are arranged. Sitting, standing, they form a ring of bodies, a grim stage for the task ahead. Those gathered are at once combatants and spectators. Heroes and supporters. Each battle is epic in its scale and in its repercussions. Only one team can win, and it will do so only through countless battles, supreme displays of skill, and a painful, methodical attrition against which the other teams cannot hold. That is Queen's War.

The most anticipated display of individual combat in the entire Realms now makes it to your table as a fast-paced card game. Queen's War is a game of luck and strategy where between 2 and 4 players compete to gain ownership of the entire deck by playing and identifying certain card combinations.

Use colors, suits, and weapons on cards to create triples and create the opportunity to steal the deck. Use the face cards, warrior, jack, queen, and king, to force your opponents into combat and win the deck by show of arms. Little by little wear down the other players until only you are left standing.

Queen's War is a project designed to directly benefit the Queen of Hearts event series and 100% of the profit from this game will go towards making Queen of Hearts the best event it can be.

Set your lines, arrange your warriors. The time has come to fight in Queen's War, and every loss will be unforgiving.

Components: One deck of 80 unique cards. Clear Tuck Box. Instructions. Game Box.




Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Play cards to stump opponents and take control of the deck!
  • Create combos of color, suit, and weapons to steal the pile!
  • Use the four types of face cards to dominate combat!


DesignerAeston Stromgate
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Publish DateOctober 25, 2011
DepartmentCard Games
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicSet Collection
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