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Quick Draw!

Bullets and Booze collide in this silly (and free!) micro-game for 2-8 players




Quick Draw! is a drinking micro-game for 2-8 players (aged 21+) where players are cast as Gunslingers in the Wild West, using a standard Poker deck to represent their actions in a high-stakes Shootout. The game includes two variant rulesets: "Dodge City" for one-on-one duels, and "Santa Fe" for larger gunfights.

In "Dodge City", each player draws a hand blindly and gets a visible "target" card. From there, both Gunslingers fire cards from the top of their hands while guessing whether their shot will be higher or lower in value than their opponent's target. Guess correctly, and the unfortunate Gunslinger will have to take a shot of Whiskey.

In "Santa Fe", the Gunslingers start every round with 9 luck. The value of each card fired at them chips away at their luck, until the moment it runs dry. When a Pistolero's luck runs out in Santa Fe, it's a shot of Tequila to ease the pain.

It's a hard life: fast, loose, and alcohol-soaked. Your luck and itchy trigger finger are your best defense. Hope to high heaven that they'll be enough.

(To download the game, just click on the download link below!)


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Publish Date April 28, 2014
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Why buy this?

  • Played with a standard deck of Poker cards!
  • The game is actually free to download prior to purchasing!
  • Feel Free to try it out and come back to pay if you like it!

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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