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Race Horse or Rock Band

Choose wisely!




It's simple, you have to find out if it's a race horse or a rock band!

Number of players:
• 2 to 17 player
• To find out if the name is a Race Horse or a Rock Band and to be the first to gain 3 cards.
How to play :
• One by one, each player draw a card from the pile and ask: « Race Horse or Rock Band? » to the player on the left. Then read aloud only one of the three name on the card.
• If the player on the left has the correct answer, he keeps the card. Otherwise, the card is placed in the discarded pile. It is then his turn to ask the question to the next player.
• After 3 complete turn, all players with 3 cards play another round of 3 guesses..
• And so on until only one (1) player has 3 correct answers.
• If at the end of a turn, no player has got 3 correct answers, the game ends and there is no winner.
• If the drawing pile is empty, all unsused cards (from loosers and discarded pile) are mixed again to become a new drawing pile. Pay attention!



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Publish Date November 23, 2013
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  • Choose wisely!
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