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Realms Funchkin

Kill Crunchies, Gain Reputation, Repeat.




Lets face it. What we do is silly. We dress up in crazy clothes. We run through rented woods hitting our buddies who happen to be wearing masks made out of plastic and duct tape. We use weapons forged in the fires of Lowes and Home Depot. I mean, playing in the Realms is awesome in countless ways; but it's silly. Very silly.

So rather that ignore or hide from that silliness, perhaps it is best to own up to it. Perhaps it is even best to celebrate it. That's exactly what Realms Funchkin is for. Realms Funchkin is a parody of playing in the Realms, with all the idiosyncrasies, foibles, traditions, and failings that make this community great.

In Realms Funchkin, you and a party of other adventurers (the other players) journey through the woods on a pointless quest of killing monsters, getting magic items and other loot, and, most importantly, gaining reputation in the community to lord over the other players!

Cooperate to kill monsters, stab one another in the back, and steal the hard won items of your friends. Be a fighter or a spell caster and switch between the two as often as you need to. Play as a fae, a dragon, a warebeast... all the most popular races in the Realms, and use your backstory to your advantage. Do whatever it takes to gain the most reputation and emerge as the most well-known member of your adventuring party!

Yeah, what we do is silly. Playing this game will be silly too. But you know there is nothing you would rather do. Be proud of playing in the Realms, and be proud of playing Realms Funchkin too.

Components: One deck of 94 custom Woods Cards. One deck of 74 custom Loot Cards. One six sided die. Six ten sided dice. Instructions. Game box.


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Publish Date July 01, 2010
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Why buy this?

  • Fast-paced, competitive play!
  • All unique cards with custom artwork!
  • Jokes and parodies that only a Realmsie would get!


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