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Reclaimed_Earth_ Tarot: Standard Edition

The Gay / Post-Apocalyptic / Sci-fi tarot!




This deck, the Reclaimed_Earth_Tarot: Standard Edition , is included in the Reclaimed_Earth: Collector’s Edition Bundle [Standard]

❌If you are buying the standard Collector’s Edition then there is no need to purchase this version as well

While this is the censored edition, it is still a deck intended for an adult audience and is not suitable for minors.

The Reclaimed_Earth_Tarot: Standard Edition includes:

  • The Reclaimed Earth Tarot deck: Standard Edition
  • Guide book DLC* (105 pages)
  • Tuck box for storage

the full Guide (digital PDF format/105 pages) is included as downloadable content.

The Reclaimed Earth is the traditional story of the tarot retold in a futuristic era. Explore the Journey of the Fool in the year 3036, where the outside air is toxic and humanity is forced to live in giant bio-dome cities, filled with dazzling neon attractions competing for your attention (and your credits).



Visit the capital dome of Pride Bastion, domain to both the Emperor’s Imperial House and the Hierophant’s Throne of the Ascendant. Explore vast open wastelands full of crumbling ruins, rediscover roads to long-forgotten places, and awaken echoes of a time long past (but avoid the acidic water!). Then, try your luck at The Anubis Casino, or if you're looking to get lucky in a different sense, drop by Mercury Station, famous for its Red Light District where it's almost too easy to find a bit of x-rated fun. There’s lots to do here for a willing adventurer.






A tuck box for storage is included in the Reclaimed_Earth_Tarot: Standard Edition, as depicted below.


For the uncensored (nudity) version, see the RECLAIMED_EARTH_ Tarot: [UNCENSORED Edition]

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Publish Date January 16, 2023
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
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Why buy this?

  • 78 fully illustrated Major + Minor Arcana cards
  • created in the Rider-Waite-Smith style
  • digital guide DLC

St. Jinx Tarot and Oracle

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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