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Right To Farm - Expansion One

The first expansion to our original Right to Farm card game.




This is the first official expansion for our popular card game, Right to Farm. Featuring new flower, fertilizer, and sabotage cards this 18 card expansion pack is sure to help your garden grow.

Important: This is an expansion to Right to Farm and will not work as a standalone game, the base game must be owned.

The Game:

Right to Farm is a family friendly, fun-for-all card based gardening game. Whether you're in a crowd of easy going and casual gamers or with your hyper competitive gaming group Right to Farm is a great fit.

With rules light game play Right to Farm can be enjoyed by people of all ages. From children to adults, even the most casual player will have fun sitting down for a few seasons. This game is all about strategy! As you grow your garden you may want to keep your opponents from harvesting theirs before you. The first player to 20 points wins the round. Right to Farm has a fast and steady pace that keeps the rounds flowing quickly.

The Cards:

The artwork for Right to Farm is hand painted water colors by Brittany Polito and each flower, sabotage and fertilizer card is visually stunning.There are four more flower cards in addition to those shown below.

Flower cards: these are your crops and your way to score points. You will need to grow your garden strategically using a variety of different flowers to maximize your points!

Sabotage cards allow you to slow down your opponents progress by forcing them to discard cards from their hand or by destroying flowers in their garden. But Beware! You'll have to protect your garden from critters, mites, droughts and even the dreaded...lawnmower.

Fertilizer cards allow you to protect your precious flowers and help them grow more quickly. Plant the scarecrow in your garden to ward off hungry critters, use compost to gain bonus points on your harvest, use guano to protect from harmful bleaches!

The expasnion packs features the same beautiful artwork by the same artist as the original Right to Farm game.

Who are we?

Wolf Beard Games was officially founded in 2019 and is owned by Tim and Riley. We started our game making journey all the way back in December of 2016. Since then we have been working on a growing number of games and launched our first Kickstarter campaign for Sheep Sleep Seep, a tongue twisting party game, in August 2019 and were fully funded in less than 24 hours and finished funding at 201%.

We are currently a small game company but are very ambitious with our goals. Our focus as a company is to make games across every age group, genre, and style. We utilize local talent for our artwork, graphic design help, logo creation, and story telling. We are a company that cares about others in the industry and helping our community grow together.


If you wish to help support Wolf Beard Games a little more and are interested in checking out our sweet line of T-shirts, Tank Tops, and Sweatshirts, including the official Right to Farm T-Shirt follow the link below!

Right to Farm | Bonfire


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Publish Date April 25, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Beautiful Artwork
  • Strategy Filled
  • Family Friendly


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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