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Road Trip Dungeons

A combination "eye spy" style game, with RPG elements. Play during your next road trip!




It is the not too distant future. A mutating virus (agent VH-1) has escaped from a secret government research center, causing the world to be plunged into a post-apocalyptic world. The VH-1 virus has infected numerous metallic objects, animating them to become a scourge on the human race.

Out of the chaos, a group of modern-day heroes have formed to stop these “metallic monstrosities”. Seek out objects which will aid you on your quest to rid the virus from these infected machines. Can you reclaim humanities future? Can you survive where others may not?


Road Trip Dungeons (RTD) is a real life adventure game for 2-4* players which occurs while taking a drive from place to place. Players will fight monsters and traps, level up, and outmaneuver fellow players to be the final survivor, or by defeating an enemy boss.

*-Includes a solo player variant


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Publish Date May 05, 2012
Edition First
Department Games
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Why buy this?

It kept the players busy, engaged in the scenery, and with each other. The time in the car flew by.

  • Hundreds of miles in the making
  • Cool modern-day characters
  • A must-have for your next road trip!

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