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Rogue Deck: Darkness

A Solo Rogue-Like. Collect upgrades and defeat enemies to bring light to the darkness.




Note: This game is currently in development

It's basically finished, but may be subject to small changes, so no physical rulebook is available. The latest rules will always be available to download for free from this shop page, or via a QR code, found either on the box and/or on one of the cards within.

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A Solo Rogue-Like

by Kyle Jarratt


“The rogue gives chase, as the Twisted King flees into Darkness”

The Darkness must be explored and conquered before The Rogue can confront The Twisted King. With the King defeated, The Rogue must escape, crown in hand, before collapsing in exhaustion.


Gameplay Overview

  • Play cards from your hand so that The Rogue can move about, explore the darkness, attack and evade enemies.

  • Live deck-building; swap cards in your hand with cards revealed in the darkness.

  • Reveal and resolve all darkness cards before attacking The Twisted King, and then finally escaping to the light. White-Bar.png

Custom Tokens: 'The Rogue' & 'The Twisted King'

Custom Printed Black 16mm Cubes. The Rogue must escape the Darkness with The Twisted King's crown in hand. Rogue-Deck-Rulebook-Images-13.png White-Bar.png

Claim cards from the Darkness

The Rogue won't stand a chance against The Twisted King without collecting some useful cards along the way. Rogue-Deck-Rulebook-Images-05.png White-Bar.png

Custom 'Darkness Die'

The faces on the Darkness Die look a bit like a regular D6, but they actually show the shapes of the Darkness to be revealed. Rogue-Deck-Rulebook-Images-07.png White-Bar.png

Reveal the Darkness

Not everything The Rogue finds will be dangerous... Rogue-Deck-Rulebook-Images-08.png White-Bar.png

Move The Rogue around the Darkness

The Rogue won't linger after The Twisted King has been defeated, so the entrance should never be too far away; it costs one card from your hand for each space The Rogue moves. Rogue-Deck-Rulebook-Images-06.png White-Bar.png

Combine cards to attack enemies

But sometimes it's best to evade certain enemies until The Rogue has had a chance to grow stronger. Rogue-Deck-Rulebook-Images-10.png White-Bar.png

Difficulty / Progression / Completion

  • Conquer the darkness enough times and at new difficulty levels to complete the ‘challenge card’.
  • The Rogue will die... frequently. Complete the ‘death card’ by dying enough times. Rogue-Deck-Rulebook-Images-15.png White-Bar.png

Setup Video


Gameplay Overview Video

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Publish Date July 16, 2021
Edition TGC Edition
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Why buy this?

  • Rogue Like Dungeon Crawler
  • Deck Building & Hand Management
  • Pocket Sized!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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