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Roll-With-It Fantasy Boxed Set

Explore and survive in this "roll-and-write", modular, adventure game system!




Here is your chance to get the entire Roll-With-It Fantasy series, all in one place!


Promotional items sold separately.

This boxed set contains the core game, Fortress of Terror, and all five expansion modules from the highly successful Fortress of Terror Kickstarter campaign (April 2022). All the components listed below are included, and come in a beautiful game box.

The Roll-With-It Fantasy Series is the first themed series (Fantasy) in the Roll-With-It system, a modular, solitaire roll-and-write adventure game system with endless possibilities for adventure through an accomplish-the-task-and-escape-the-maze-style gameplay. At least two more themed series are planned for the Roll-With-It system, a Modern series and a Sci-Fi series.

Gameplay is centered around a maze or map, through which the player must navigate, accomplish some objective(s), and escape the map under pressure from the enemy's attacks via the Doom die. The simple, puzzley, maze-style gameplay is approached differently in each adventure, building on the basic rules with new rules, concepts, and components that make each adventure feel fresh and unique.

In your first adventure, Fortress of Terror, you are the humble hero sent by your village to enter the terrifying fortress of the evil warlord Bram and stop him from terrorizing the realm. You do this by making your way through four chapters, or sections, of the game. Each chapter places you in a maze that you must explore and escape from, collecting powerful Relics and other goals that you must achieve to win. You move around each maze using a pool of dice that are rolled each round. However, you can never retrace your steps, as Bram has cursed the earth and floors of the fortress to crumble beneath your every step. If you manage to fulfill the chapter objective and escape the maze, you will advance to the next chapter, until you reach the final battle with Bram himself.

If you are able to emerge triumphant over the Fortress of Terror, continue your adventures with the Temple of Despair module, in which you must search the wilderness Wildlands to find the real Temple and destroy it. Succeeding in this, you will have four more quests ahead of you: the ever-shifting Maze of the Minotaur, swimming through the Lake of the Dragon, exploring the desert and the ancient Pyramid of the Mummy with its locked portals, and finally liberating the infested Mines of Darkness, mapping the dungeon as you explore.

This boxed set has everything you need to explore the wide variety of maps, dangers, and Enemies, with nearly 30 powerful Relics you can collect to aid you. Choose which Companion(s) you would like to accompany you on your adventures, using their unique abilities to make all the difference at just the right moments.



  • RWI Fantasy Basic Components

    • RWI Basic Rulebook, Revised Edition
    • 1 Doom Die (d12)
    • 1 Red Die (d6)
    • 1 Blue Die (d6)
    • 1 Luck Die (d4)
    • 4 Movement Dice (d6)
    • 1 Dry-Erase Marker with Eraser
  • Fortress of Terror Adventure Module

    • FoT Rulebook
    • FoT Double-sided, laminated Adventure Sheet
    • 5 Relic cards
    • ToD Story Deck (21 cards)
  • Temple of Despair Adventure Module

    • ToD Rulebook
    • ToD Double-sided, laminated Adventure Sheet
    • 3 Relic cards
    • 4 Dungeon cards
    • 12 Ruins cards
    • ToD Story Deck (20 cards)
  • Maze of the Minotaur Adventure Module:

    • MotM Rulebook
    • MotM Double-sided, laminated Adventure Sheet
    • 2 Relic cards
    • 1 "Final" card
    • MotM Story Deck (20 cards)
  • Lake of the Dragon Adventure Module:

    • LotD Rulebook
    • LotD Double-sided, laminated Adventure Sheet
    • 3 Relic cards
    • 8 Mountain Path cards
    • LotD Story Deck (20 cards)
  • Pyramid of the Mummy Adventure Module:

    • PotM Rulebook
    • PotM Double-sided, laminated Adventure Sheet
    • 2 Relic cards
    • 12 Keystone cards
    • PotM Story Deck (20 cards)
  • Mines of Darkness Adventure Module:

    • MoD Rulebook
    • MoD Double-sided, laminated Adventure Sheet
    • 1 Relic card
    • 9 Dungeon cards
    • 1 Doom Card
    • 2 MoD Threat Track cards
    • MoD Story Deck (20 cards)
  • 6 Companion Cards:

    • Hallifaen
    • Nightwind
    • Ariadne
    • Nikarik
    • Sekhmet
    • Nodfast Axehand
  • Bonus Items included:

    • 1 Double-sided, laminated Tutorial sheet with quick reference
    • "Golden Apple" Tutorial Relic card

*NOTE: All cards in this boxed set are Euro Poker size (63 x 88 mm).


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Publish Date June 06, 2022
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Why buy this?

"If you are looking for something puzzley, you can unwind with, plays quickly, challenging, and good use of luck mitigation, look into the Roll-With-It System!"

  • Puzzley, escape-the-maze gameplay
  • Dice-activation and mitigation via powerful Relic cards
  • Flexible modular system provides limitless thematic variety


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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