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A cooperative trick-taking game about spinal nerve roots and the muscles and skin they innervate




We want new Rec-Roots to play Rooticle, a cooperative trick-taking game for three to five players.

In Rooticle, players work as a team to complete three missions having to do with the spinal nerve roots that innervate the arms and legs. Each mission is assigned to a specific player, requiring that player to collect (or not collect) certain cards to fulfill the mission’s requirements.

The game is played over several rounds, in which players collect tricks by playing cards to the center of the table. If each mission is completed successfully, all players win the game. But, if even a single mission cannot be completed, the whole team loses. (Cue sad trombone sound effect.)

Rooticle is easy to learn, but tough to master, with enough strategic wrinkles to keep hardened gamers coming back for more!


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Publish Date November 28, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • Simple rules with challenging puzzles that require teamwork
  • 34 levels of difficulty and unlimited replayabilty
  • Learn neuroanatomy while you play


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