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Round Robbin'

An eclectic game of categorical quandaries.
Draw a card, pick a topic, then roll the dice to see which game type you'll be playing on your turn. Each card has five topics to choose from (random things like "Jelly bean flavors" or "Zombie films"). But be careful in your choosing, because the dice just might deal you a game type that works against your best interest.

The game types of Round Robbin' always deal with making correlations to the chosen topic. The table might simply be making connections to the topic as fast as they can, or you may all end up playing a modified version of Telephone. The variation of open-ended topics, and game types changing each turn, ensure that Round Robbin' is never the same experience twice!

*Please note that this game requires 2 six-sided dice, a dry erase board and dry erase pen (none of which are included). You will also need to download and print the "Rules" document once you've purchased the game. These items are not included at the outset so that you pay less for the game itself.


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Why buy this?

  • 11 different games rolled into one!
  • More than 500 original topics!
  • Unique each time you play!




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Publish Date October 21, 2013
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Department Board Games
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