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ROWDY HEROES! Fight the Evil Army

Push your luck as you take on a crowd of bad guys! Go hero! Go!




You've already transformed and jumped onto the scene with your hero friends. Before you is a crowd of shady looking bad guys and dangerous monsters. Behind you is the promise of the state-funded BEST HERO 20XX award, (and a considerable bonus check) if you can somehow prove that you are indeed the best hero of the group. It's time to jump in that crowd and start punching!

This is a push our luck game for 2 to 5 players in which you assume the role of an ambitious super sentai masked hero (think power rangers).
Each turn you BRAG to your peers about how many guys you could take on this fight, then it's up to how well you can use your item abilities and roll the combat die. If you survive, be sure to spend a few coins on a shiny new signature weapon! Earn the most victory points by the end and you will be sitting victorious at last!


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Publish Date February 03, 2015
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Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Super Sentai in your pocket!
  • Easy to play and plays fast!
  • Pick the perfect item combos to help smash those evildoers!


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