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A Micro Game of Cat-nniving Intrigues & Furocious Paw-er Grab At The Royal Court




The King is dead! Long live the…who??? Amidst the power vacuum left by the King’s untimely demise, the Royal Courtesans are all salivating over the claim to the high seat of the regency throne. Secret coalitions are banded, Schemes are plotted, and good ol’ daggers are stabbed in the back. Play your hand of Royals in a game of Dominance assertion, all the while screwing your competitor. The crown is within your grasp; you just need to step over others to get it!

Royals is a micro card game that is quick to pick up, but hard to put down. The rules are simple. Each player draws a set of cards, and must utilize them in the right combination to net them the most points.

But not so fast! For you can play each card in two ways - place it for points, or use its schemes for quick, chain comboing actions. This means there are bizzllions of ways that you could play your hand! Your perfect plan could easily be broken by other’s schemes, and a risky draw might be all that you need to score big!

So grab some buddies or kiddies, start up a game of Royals, and see who end up sitting on that throne!

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BGG Page Royals

  • Simple rules, easy to learn!

  • Quick and dynamic game play.

  • Fill with dramatic turnarounds and unexpected “Noooo” moments!

  • Stylish arts. 28 unique characters total!

  • Minimal component. 34 cards for easy portability!

  • Fun for grown ups and kids; friend and frienemies!

  • Multiple game variations that change the overall strategy!

  • Sharpen your logic, planning, and math skills!

==========================> Read the big rule doc to get a better sense of how the game plays!

Free PnP PDF available for limited time!

If you catch me on TGC chat, I might just give you a discount!

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Publish Date November 22, 2013
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Why buy this?

I’m keeping it in my collection and there’s always time to play a hand or two.

  • A quick & dynamic micro card game! Combo-building to the Max
  • Easy to get into, fill with cute, stylish art!
  • Puuuuurfect for buddies and kiddies! Kings and Queens!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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