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The race game with a twist!




Runaround: A race game with a twist for two to four players by Jonathan Leistiko

In Runaround, your goal is to get your pieces out of your home, all the way around the board, and back again before your opponent. Sounds familiar, right? The twist is in the board: It's a nested "U" shape. Your pieces frequently pass your opponent's pieces on the other side of the wall. If your piece lands across the wall from one of your opponent's pieces, you swap places. Often, this'll jump you ahead and push your opponent back. As you play, you'll uncover remarkable depth of strategy from this simple roll-and-move game.

Runaround is a game for two or four players. Runaround uses a six-sided die, five pawns per player, and a two-sided board (one side for two players, one side for four players). A two-player game takes about 40 minutes to play.

Runaround is appropriate for ages 12 and up.


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Publish Date July 16, 2009
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