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Samnite Wars




Strategic Scale simulation of the early Roman Republic depicting the time between the conquest of Latinum and before the Punic Wars.

Board and card game for 2-6 players.

Players take turns being Consul in control of Rome. An Event table determines whether there is Peace, Revolts, Raiding, or Wars of Survival. In years of Peace or Raiding the Consul may decide to conduct a War of Conquest.

Each turn players draw cards (88 card deck) that improve the odds at War or provide boons in times of peace and victory.

Players accumulate Prestige Tokens for winning Wars and capturing territory. The Consul must also manage the Treasury of Rome, spending gold to gain cards, or saving it to gain Prestige.

A lost War can result in a large loss of Gold and Prestige for the Consul.

Players risk winning or losing Prestige on other players turns depending on if they ally with Rome or her Foes.


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Publish Date October 19, 2009
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