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Samurai vs. Zombies

Finally—a zombie game where you can EAT BRAINS! travels well • kid friendly, 10+ • quick pace




• teach a friend with one sample hand
• develop strategy without having to memorize detailed rules

• keep your eyes on your opponents
• use your hands to play—no dice, guns, hit-points...

• eat actual candy brains
• the zombie presence grows as time passes

• you’re almost always active as a samurai or a zombie
• strategy comes from observing your opponents' patterns

• Kids love the fast play, acting like a zombie, and eating candy brains.
• Thirsty twenty-somethings who augment games with beverages.
• Game afficionados appreciative of an invigorating appetizer game.

On your turn, you’re a samurai and you need peasants—rice farming is harder than you never bothered to imagine! Gather 14 peasants to unite Japan under your rule before your samurai's brains are eaten by zombies.

When it's not your turn, you're a zombie and you eat brains. Sniff out the samurai’s next move to eat his or her brains. Will he or she be greedy, cautious, or somewhere in between? Decide quickly! The samurai sets the pace of play. If all of the samurai’s brains are eaten before any can gather 14 peasants, the zombie who ate the most brains wins.

Since the rules and cards are simple, you can develop strategy based on the players’ decisions without needing to know a bunch of rules and really get into your roles as samurai and zombie.

Visit us online at for Variants, FAQ, and more.

• by Aaron Surrain
• 30 minutes
• 2-7 players
• ages 10+
• Made in the USA
• Contents: 96 cards

Candy or nut brains recommended but not required or included

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Publish Date December 09, 2014
Edition First Edition, v.15012701
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Why buy this?

  • Actually EAT BRAINS! ...candy (or nut) brains
  • Be BOTH a Samurai and a Zombie • Win as Either
  • Quick Pace • Dead Simple • Subtle Strategy

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