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Sap Run (15.99oz)

Race through the sugarbush tapping maple trees, boiling sap into syrup, and bottling it for sale!




Overview: You and your cousins have inherited your family’s maple syrup farm, but you don’t know who should take over the family business. You decide to hold a contest to determine which of you can earn the most profit in the sugarbush and win the right to run the farm. Time to rise early, breathe in that cold spring air, and turn the running sap into pure syrup gold!

Goal: To earn the most money fulfilling orders for bottled syrup and maple candy.

Gameplay: A player's turn will consist of the following phases:

1) Sled: Move to an adjacent location on the farm.

2) Work: Perform 1 of the following farm actions:

  1. Tap: Collect sap cubes and store them in your sled (darkness will vary will the time of the season)
  2. Boil: Reduce 2 sap cubes of the same variety to a single syrup token OR reduce 2 sap cubes of different varieties to a single candy token
  3. Bottle: Bottle a syrup token
  4. Sell: Fulfill the current order at a particular Trading Post
  5. Toolshed: Discover extra sap buckets, money bags, snow shoes and more!

3) Coast: If you moved "downhill" to a lower farm card in the Sled Phase, you may now move again to any other adjacent farm card of lesser height and return to the Work Phase. Continue this process until you can't or no longer wish to move.

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Publish Date January 03, 2024
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Why buy this?

  • Multi-action "downhill" turns on the 3D map!
  • Syrup quality depends on the time of the season!
  • Fit your syrup snugly into each delectable bottle!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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