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I've been a Scrum Trainer for the last 6 years, and I always struggled to give my students a way to truly experience what happens in a Scrum team during a Sprint. Most simulations wouldn't answer common questions I get in every class such as Can I be a ScrumMaster and a Product Owner at the same time? or Do I need to be a full time Product Owner?.

Then, I created Scrumchkim and it changed everything.

Scrumchkin is a game I created to improve my Scrum classes and agile coaching sessions. My goal was to better illustrate Prioritization, Flow, Feedback and Scrum Team interactions in a fun and portable way.

The game features 228 cards with hand drawn pictures that will give you and your agile team a lot of learning and fun.

Experience Real Prioritization

You'll have a living Product Backlog that will constantly change. No decision about its prioritization will be obvious, and the Scrum Team will need to work together to deliver real value by the end of the Sprint.

Early Feedback will change EVERYTHING

If the team delivers, they'll have valuable information to use during the next Sprint Planning. Just like in real life.

The Sprint is far from a Fairy Tale

Bugs? Check. Technical Debt? Check. People unable to work? Check. As a facilitator, you won't need to create chaos. It will happen naturally, and self-organization will come into play just as naturally.

Automatic Roleplay

Everyone who plays this game dives deep into their roles. This roleplaying catalyzes a lot of conflicts and provoke great opportunities for rich debates about different kind of problems.

A single set of Scrumchkin can handle a full Scrum Team, and you can learn more about the game on


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Publish Date June 27, 2019
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Why buy this?

For me, it was the highlight of Scrum Gathering in Austin

  • Experience real conflicts between the P.O. and the Dev Team
  • Provoke rich debates about the ScrumMaster Role
  • Strive to gather early feedback about your product


  • This game does not come in a box.


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