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The daredevil game of to-the-death database searching.




A multi-player card game that teaches database search skills while students compete to stay alive. Err, keep their hand alive. The goal is to keep their hand alive.... and to keep their hands.

For librarians and teachers. 4-6 players Ages 13+ Gameplay round = approx. 5-15min.

Skills: - search string design - keyword selection - basic boolean - faceting - peer-review - "friendly competition"

Interested in seeing subject expansion packs for Search&Destroy? Let us know what areas you want here: Search&Destroy Subjects Survey

Want to write your own keywords? Purchase an inexpensive expansion pack of 10 blank keyword cards here: Search&Destroy Blank Keyword Card 10 Pack

Our document on Best Practices for Teaching with Search&Destroy can be printed here: Check out our new document on Best Practices for Teaching with Search&Destroy. Found at: Mari K-C Best Practices for Teaching with Search.pdf

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Errata: The Mod card OR may only be used ONCE and is then discarded after the player's turn.


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Publish Date April 21, 2017
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Why buy this?

  • The gothiest info lit card game on the market today.
  • Made for librarians by librarians.
  • 4-6 players using any database of your choice.

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